Darrin Ratajczak, Copywriter
& Content Optimisation Specialist

Welcome to Working Copy

Copywriting is a craft. It’s a craft that I’ve been honing for more than 19 years.

Over that time, I’ve been fortunate to learn, grow and test my skills working for some great organisations – from my ‘apprenticeship’ at a small direct-response agency; to the bright lights of famous-name multinationals; to working directly for innovative businesses from the top end of town to one-man bands.

Along the way, I’ve written creative, high-converting copy and content of all sorts for companies including ANZ Bank, BigPond.com, Canon, M&C Saatchi and Qantas. My travel articles have appeared in the Sydney Sun Herald and the New Zealand Herald.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt? Well, no matter what the size of the business, the budget or the ego, the basic tenets of good copy hold true. It’s all about understanding the needs and desires of the business, and those of its prospective customers, and connecting the two with the right choice of words.

It’s the benefit of this knowledge, experience and passion that I look forward to bringing to your next project.

If you have any questions, please get in contact.

Darrin Ratajczak
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