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Please keep in mind, the rates shown below are a guide only. Contact me for a quote on your specific project.

Project quotes can depend on a variety of factors, including length, complexity, and additional requirements, such as client interviews, for example.

I’m also happy to offer discounted rates for regular ongoing work.

RATES (See the services page for more about each service.)

Website Content Optimisation Audit: A$750

Existing Website Content Refresh: A$1,800 – A$2,500

New Website Copy Package (including SEO strategy, structure and set-up plan):
A$2,800 – A$4,000

Online Sales Page: A$500 – A$2,000

Lead-Gen Landing Page: A$500 – A$1,500

New Page – SEO and Sales-conversion Copy: A$500 – A$1,250

FAQ Sections: A$500 – A$1,250

Order Page/Shopping Cart Sequence: A$400 – A$800

Website ‘How-To’ Guide or Tour: A$500 – A$1,250

Testimonials: A$400 – A$800

Short Online Video Script: A$250 – A$1,000 (1-5 minute explainer, demo, how-to, case study, testimonial, or short video sales letter)

Long-Form Video Sales Letter (VSL): A$750 – A$2,500+ (15-45 minutes in length)

Radio Commercial: A$1,000 – A$1,400

Podcast Scripts: A$50 – A$75 per minute

Teleseminar/Webinar Script: A$1,000 – A$3,000

Case Studies: A$750 – A$2,500

eBooks and Guides: A$1,500 – A$7,000

White Paper (Special Report): A$2,000 – A$7,000

Email Autoresponder/Funnel Emails (Series): A$100 – A$250 per email (copy only packages or complete, done-for-you email series management)

Stand-Alone Email Promotions: A$250 – A$750 (copy only or copy-publishing packages)

Email Newsletters: A$500 – A$1,250 (copy only or copy-publishing packages)

Done-for-You Article/Blog Posting Service: A$250 – A$1,000 (1,200 to 2,500+ words. Uploaded and SEO optimised)

Blog Editorial Calendar and Post Series: A$500 – A$800 (100 post calendar)

Advertorial: A$750 – A$1,000+

Online Banner or Text Ad Campaigns: A$250 – A$1,000 (one to six ad packages)

Social Media Ad Campaign: A$500 – A$700

Print Ads and Campaigns: A$250 – A$1,500

Brochure (3+ panels): A$500 – A$1,250 per page

Sell Sheet or Fact Sheet: A$500 – A$1,000

Product or Program Naming: A$1,000 – A$3,000

Press Releases: A$250 – A$500

Editing and Proofreading: A$50 – A$75 per hour


Interviews: A$75 per hour or part thereof

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What’s included | How it works

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    What’s included:

    • An initial phone or Skype meeting, if required. I’m happy to provide a quote for face-to-face visits.
    • Two free rounds of revisions (one is typically enough).
    • Use of your specified SEO keywords, if you choose. Though keep in mind, I believe writing for readability is crucial.

    How it works:

    • A deposit of 30% of the total project amount is payable to get things started.
    • Larger projects can be separated into milestone payments to make things easier.
    • Payments can be made by PayPal or direct deposit (within Australia). Overseas payments must be made by PayPal. Net 14 Days is requested on all invoices (in the absence of specific corporate payment cycles).